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Privacy Policy

RockReview.co.uk has created this privacy statement and policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following information describes in detail any information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site, located at: http://rockreview.co.uk, and the reasons behind them.

RockReview is operated by Chris Boyes and Liam Martin located in Devon, UK. They are the only authorative staff who should be the main contacts should you wish to discuss / ask any questions regarding the legal situation of the site and/or this policy herewith. You can easily reach us with any questions regarding this statement or any part of the website in general by e-mail at admin@rockreview.co.uk.

When you connect to the internet, your computer is assigned a numerical address known as an IP address. This identify's your computer on the network and when signing up to various websites, they may log it for backup identification purposes. Any website may contact an Internet Service Provider with an IP address and find out who the registered owner of that internet account.

When visiting RockReview.co.uk and signing up to our forums, the forum software will automatically log your IP address. It will also be logged whenever you make a post on the forums. We only use this as a backup identification tool and in case of any illegal activity that may be taking place on the forums.

Our site also uses cookies, these are not used for the purposes of advertising and are soley used to remember information that you have entered or to remember that you have visited the site in general and/or a certain section of it. For example, when you vote on the Poll - a cookie is sent to your computer so that it can remember that you have voted. The website will then pick up this cookie and instead of providing the form for voting a second time - it will instead display the results of the poll. Cookies are also used by the site logging software to ensure that it can track unique visitors to the site. When you come back it finds the cookie and doesn't register your "hit" thus allowing us to find out how many individual visitors have visited the sit forums.

Our site's forum registration form requires users to give us contact information (like their name and e-mail address). We use customer contact information from the registration form to send the user information related to RockReview when necessary, and also to contact the user when necessary. It is also used to identify each user on the forum and can be kidden from other forum members if you so choose. Your e-mail address and/or other contact information will NEVER be given out and/or sold to any third party and will only be viewed by Rock Review. The information is stored in a secure, inaccessable database on the server.

Other information you supply will only be used to collect broad demographic information about our visitors. This site contains links to other sites. Rock Review is not, and will not be help responsible for the privacy practices of such Web sites or the content contained within them.

RockReview.co.uk make forums available free to all our users. Please remember that any information you may decide to post in these forums becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Our servers have strict security in place to prevent an intruder from retrieving personal information about our users. Staff overlook server access daily to ensure the above holds true.

This site gives children the ability to publicly post or distribute personally identifiable contact information without prior parental consent. Please take proper measures if you do not wish your child to have access to public forums and message boards. As always, exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information in a public forum. It is recommended that children under the age of 13 do not visit the forums, but we cannot regulate this as it is up to the individuals parents/guardians. This site may in some cases contain swearing whether in the forums or in the content of the site, therefore it is reccomended that children view this site with parents present.

As RockReview is a news and reviews site, a vast amount of information about various different people, organisations or companies may be posted either in the forums or in the other content of the site. RockReview.co.uk do everything we possible can to adhere to all guidelines and/or trademarks and we make every effort possible to fully credit any site which we may have collected information from. Should you feel that we are not doing our best, or you believe we may be in breach of any copyright laws, please contact immediatly the site administrator by emailing : admin@rockreview.co.uk.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can contact admin@rockreview.co.uk.

Privacy Policy Last Amended 5th February, 2006.

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